My Musics

I am professional musician-producer of 3 decades. I maintain meticulous quality and standards. I do Pop, DUBSTEP, Ghost producer, Melbourne bounce R&B, EDM, Hip-hop, Funk, DJ. Games Music, Background music PODCAST. I am expert in Ableton Live, Logic Pro.
Now you have great opportunity to get your music remixed as dubstep. Most f time I engaged to create a new style, I composed and serve to my respective buyer's totally new style. Just tell me your idea. I do not like to work in a very rush, that's why my humble req to all buyers please contact me before you order me. I can remix any genre as dubstep our producer creative, professional and experienced. I can make the zombie or any genres games music. Skrillex style also. I am using Macbook pro, so logic pro X and Ableton live suite 9.7. Also, we can make; Electro House, Progressive House or Techno remixes too.


Sufi song and Qawwali Kamliwale Nabi Amina ft Pavel Rahman & Party
This is the first time the mainstream Qawwali music has been produced in Bangladesh, We hope you enjoy this Qawwali [...]
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